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WOCPM provide professional accredited certification covering preventive, regenerative and antiaging medicine and its related sub-functions. This include many types of accreditation such as product, management, clinics, and others. Many medical clinics products like supplements, trainings, management and clinics, have been accredited by WOCPM. The accreditation will benefit the applicant to be recognized in the WOCPM region (which is currently spread worldwide). It will also ease the holder to process other required certification from government or oer for legal purpose, since a reference from an professional organization is usually ease as supporting evidence.
Several kind of accreditation which relate to management, product, training, supplement, etc exist, depending on the requirement of applicant.   

A. Assessment for Accreditation.
    • Submission of the complete filled-in application form.
    • Open communication or correspondence related to the assessment.
    • Pre-assessment meeting by the appointed assessors of the accreditation team.
    • Additional data may be required; in certain case like site visits or additional third party opinion.
    • Individual assessment carried out by the appointed assessor in each own location may be possible. In such case, digital communication is relied upon to reach effective and efficient result.
    • Assessment and Evaluation meeting of the board are usually conducted in the head office of WOCPM. Contact with applicant to get in depth data and information should be open to support qualified data analysis.
    • Outcome of the evaluation and decision are usually categorized in three different achievements: (a) Best or High Achiever who get the score of at least 75/100 accreditation point.   The validity of the certificate spans for 3(three) years. The holder need to renew the accreditation 2 month before the validity period ends. (b) Good Achiever with the score of 60 – 74. The validity period lasts for 2(two) years. Applicant who have a lower score than 60 does not pass the accreditation and is required to reapply after one year.
    • For detailed estimation of the process time, please refer to the “Eight Phases of WOCPM Accreditation Process”.

B. Data required for Accreditation

  • Company / organization profile of applicant
  •  Technical specs of the product/service.
  • Any certification or accreditation   from formal/state agency in food &   drug (FDA, POM, etc), if any, will help speeding up WOCPM process.
  • Number of users (customers) using the product/services. Please allow accreditation team the possibility to communicate with the party, solely for the   purpose related directly with this accreditation and not for other purpose.   
  • Continuing support related to any after sales or service commitments.
  • Training program if available. Please include detailed after sale support including first and second line support maintenance, if any.
  • Statement to accept any site visit of WOCPM if deemed necessary.
  • Contact person to handle the communication with WOCPM.
C. Estimation time of the accreditation process.

The broken down activities and its estimated time is just a coarse prediction which should be accepted as only to give a rough idea for the applicant. It depends on so many variables that is sometime difficult to predict. However, if everything flow normally, the estimation time would fall close to the prediction.

Figure-1 portrays a simple flowchart of 8 (eight) phases of accreditation process.


                 Figure-1 : Eight phases of WOCPM accreditation process

The phases can be logically followed with the understanding that each phase possesses its own unique activities and delay. The predicted time as set in the following matrix is based on simple and common process, and would obviously varies according to the size of the subject. That is why the estimation is set in a range of time.


Processing Phase

Estimated time(days)





Local/regional processing




On-line communication among board members


Check for complete documents and requirements


Management Auditing






Site visit (physical/logical)


Site visits, if needed or by on-line means


Scoring and Decision




Process of Approval


Meetings, consultations.


Decision process


Upper decision making involvements


Total time

28 - 45


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