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''Peptides as geroprotective preparations

with physiological mechanism of action''


V.H.Khavinson 1,2,3, V.V. Benberin 1, D.Vinski 4,
N.S. Linkova 1,5, B.F. Vanushin 6

Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
Pavlov Institute of Physiology , Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg
North-Western State Medical University named I.I. Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg
 4Perfect Beauty Aesthetic and Anti Aging Clinic, Jakarta, Indonesia
 5Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint- Petersburg
 6A.N. Belozersky Institute of physico-chemical biology, Moscow State University

The major task of pharmacology and gerontology is the search for effective and safe medical preparations that restore the functions of the body while aging. Evolutionary the small peptides are signal molecules that carry information and can regulate gene expression. These peptides may physiologically induce differentiation, proliferation and suppress apoptosis of cells depending on their structure. The analysis of results of these studies allows to conclude that targeted induction of cells cytodifferentiation and using of biological cellular reserve of different organs and tissues of the body are possible. This is a material substratum for the enhancement of functions, recourses of the body and for an increase in life expectancy within the frames of biological limit.

Peptide preparations of thymus and pineal gland, thymalin and epithalamin, they promoted a reliable increase in average life expectancy of animals on 25-40 percents. An increase of max life expectancy was noted in CBA mice after the injections of peptide AEDG. Peptides that are extracted from pineal gland and thymus exerted the antitumor activity. It was followed by 1,4- 7 fold dicrease in rate of spontaneous and induced radiation and carcinogens of malignant tumors.

These and other experimental dater allowed to develop more than 20 preparations. 6 of them are medical preparations. These are: thymalin-preparation from thymus, regulator of cell-bound immunity; epithalamin-preparation from pineal gland, regulator of endocrine system, it recovers the level of melatonin while aging; cortexin- preparation from the cerebral cortex, the regulator of function of brain; prostatilen-preparation from the prostate , the regulator of function of prostate; retinalamine- preparation from the eye retina, it restores the function of retina; thymogen (dipeptide EW)- the regulator of immunity.

Experimentally and clinically the detected possibility of oral application of  preparations based on small peptides, their resistance to the action of enzymes of gastro-intestinal tract and the blood plasma, also it has the ability to penetrate into cytoplasm, the core and the nucleolus of targeting cells in different tissues, to interact with DNA and to regulate epigenetically  the gene expression is the basis of their successful application as substances that have physiologically suitable geroprotective effect.

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