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Dr . Deby Vinski - President of WOCPM, introduces the WOCPM Consensus Declaration

Participants read out the WOCPM Consensus Declaration


    WOCPM accept new membership with the following qualifications

    • A medical doctor, holder of any country’s recognized medical faculty diploma.
  • Apply for membership to WOCPM (please fill-in the application form and its required conditions).
    • Applicant will be sorted according to his/her competency related to Preventive, Regenerative and Antiaging Medicine. If applicant lacks the normal competency standard, he/she will be registered in the WOCPM temporary group until the required standard is fulfilled (see WOCPM board level examination and recognition).
    • The WOCPM temporary member (only doctors), should follow at least 4 times WOCPM recognized conference/seminars held in any WOCPM country representative location as the prerequisite to sit the examination.  A formal textbook containing most of the Preventive, Regenerative and Antiaging Medicine’s materials are referred as the basic standard competence.
    • Prior to the WOCPM board examination, a review may be allocated and facilitated by an instructor from WOCPM to provide assistance and guidance on the reference materials.
    • Examinees who pass the board examination is eligible to become full member of WOCPM.
    • The board examination is usually holds one in a semester depending on the number of participant interested. In any WOCPM events (seminar, conference, or international gathering such WOCPM board examination is usually held).
    • Temporary member fee (annual) is 50% less than full member. This applies only for the annual membership fee. 

What does a WOCPM member gains ?

    • May officially practice preventive, regenerative and antiaging medicine recognized by WOCPM network.
    • This recognition provides members global wise advantage since country representatives is currently spread over 74 countries and is growing steadily. WOCPM network now covers all continents and applications since accreditation on products, clinics, management and related aspects in preventive and regenerative medicine are now flowing in steadily.
    • Listed on WOCPM websites (protected to other interests), and facilitates easy listing of member’s articles/studies sources.
    • Easily follow other WOCPM international related antiaging events with certain discount.
    • Support WOCPM expert advice on legal situation for member if encounter with legal case in antiaging practices.
    • Get latest updating in complicated and legal situation.
    • Membership fee is free for the first year.


Other type of participation
    • Beside the two types of memberships (full member and temporary member), WOCPM may also invite other professional related interest, who are willing to help and assist WOCM to ease achieving the objective and goals of WOCPM. These may involve administrative and managerial supporting functions, accreditations as well as research topics and methodologies to supplement the medical core competences. Board of Directors and Board of Accreditation may contain senior figures of those categories.





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